Adam Richardses of the world update

I guess in Japan a post like this violates the personal information protection law, but you know what – damn the man:

  • With the budget cut for the only part-time officer position in town, for all intents and purposes police chief Adam Richards now is the law in Somerset, PA, and according to the council, “he’s doing a great job”:
  • No salary has been allotted for a part-time police officer. The borough’s part-time officer resigned several months ago, leaving Chief Adam Richards to cover the borough alone.

    “I don’t want to knock him, because he’s doing a great job,” said council member John Mull. “I just think scheduling is the issue, and we can get by with one officer.”

    Council will consider hiring another officer in the future if the need becomes apparent, members said.

    Back when he and his part-time partner were keeping order, Chief Richards was getting all Dirty Harry on bored teenage house vandals by “meeting with residents to lay the groundwork for starting a Community Watch.” There has yet to be a follow-up story, but we’ll be watching this closely to see if these rascals can’t somehow live up to their potential to be good citizens.

  • British financial regulator spokesman Adam Richards-Gray
    does not think that 6-figure fees are too much for his FSA to charge mortgage advisors (which may be true depending on what kind of “surgeries” they offer the mortgage firms in exchange*)
  • * (I believe that surgery may be a British real estate industry term for some kind of credit check that the FSA performs with the fees it collects)

  • The story is no longer available, but one Adam Richards in NZ is apparently a king of drift in his refurbished Nissan Cifero. I can’t tell if this is cooler than the UK stuntman Adam Richards.
  • Another dead link story (I’ll never forgive myself for not posting sooner) – A “children in need fever” inspired hotel manager Adam Richards in the UK to offer a “sponsored leg wax” which I can only assume is a competition among people who get their legs waxed for a living.
  • Congratulations to Cincinnati Adam Richards for making the 8th Grade Honor Roll. We expect many good things to come of this up and coming AR.
  • I thought I saw something recently about the boxer Adam “Swamp Donkey” Richards but not I can’t find it. Here’s hoping he is still kicking some serious ass somewhere.

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    1. I’m not usually up to the task of correcting others spelling mistakes,but it’s CEFIRO.
      I drive the damn thing to take my kid to soccer class.Never knew you could drift with that.

    2. If the Swamp Donkey wants to make some guest posts here, I’m all for it. I for one want to know his thoughts on Yasukuni.

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