8 thoughts on “…But I would have paid to see that!”

  1. Sounds a bit fishy to me. What do tourists expect to see when they go whale-watching off the coast of Japan? Kind of like visiting a slaughterhouse to see the cute animals.

  2. Bryce, in their defense, I have been all along the Okhotsk Sea coast of Hokkaido on two trips, and for all the promotion of local fishery products such as crab, scallops, salmon, and nishin, I have never heard a peep of the whaling industry operating up there. Once, cruising the ports in Wakkanai I did see a boat which I am pretty sure was a whaling vessel, which I should post at CA sometime, but that was just for looking by myself. Indeed, I was under the impression that most Japanese whaling was down in the south Pacific, hence the proverbial beef over the issue with Australia and New Zealand.

  3. I just came back from Kerama in Okinawa.Now the island is in high season but in Feburary to April,Humpback watching is the only tourist attraction and the waters around the island is listed in Ramsar convention protected site for whales.Not all Japanese waters are killing field .

    Anyway “Tare”of Baird’s beaked tastes like beef jerkie.

  4. Curzon,

    Most of the whaling for Minke occurs in the Antarctic ocean (although how these have become “New Zealand” and “Australian” waters is anyone’s guess). Meanwhile there are some varieties that Japanese whales cull around their own waters.

  5. “Meanwhile there are some varieties that Japanese whales cull around their own waters.”

    And that the Baird’s beaked whales captures about 40.20 in Wada,Chiba and rest in elsewhere.I think they are the only species caputured as coastal whaling.(I’m not counting Delphindae here.)

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