How to drink Hoppy

Japan Times has an interesting article on the resurgence of Hoppy, a near-beer popular in the Showa era. I haven’t really liiked it but then I’ve never tried it like this:

The most popular way to drink Hoppy, which has remained unchanged to this day, is to mix it chilled with cold shochu in a proportion of five to one in a chilled glass.

4 thoughts on “How to drink Hoppy”

  1. Wait, how did you drink Hoppy when you tried it? I thought this was the only possible way to drink the stuff.

  2. If you have no idea what youre doign you may just drink it from the bottle or mix it with nihonshu….. Perhaps I shouldnt disclose that

  3. 日本酒? OK, drinking it from the bottle, I can see, but using nohnshu as a mixer with anything. . .

    The thing with Hoppy is that it’s kind of like low-grade pseudo-happoshu anyway, so by the time it’s mixed with cheap shochu and ice, it becomes almost tasteless, which is a blessing because the shit is foul. It’s for show.

    On those rare occasions when a foreigner visits me, I always give him Denki-Bran, because it’s specifically a Tokyo drink, but I don’t partake myself because those poor bastards – back before available beer, brandy, and whisky – suffered.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing with Hoppy, be glad. It’s kind of like not knowing how to toss a dude’s salad in prison.

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