Attention, office workers of Japan: Shut the hell up

You can talk on the phone using your INDOOR voice, thank you very much. And get back to work! You’ve been chatting with your coworkers for the past 20 minutes.

Two songs that have been on my mind recently:

Snoop Dogg at his best:

I mean look at him — he’s young, energetic, and he’s got that bomb Dr. Dre beat (hell, I’d sound awesome with Dre backing me). These videos are great too — pointless cut scenes, parties, censored corporate logos.

And this, a little after the unfortunate “fo shizzle” stage and after he had given up drugs… It’s not his worst but he’s never really topped that early era (I mean consider this — he’s come full circle from proclaiming that he’s got no love for “ho’s” to complimenting them for having “bomb-ass pussy” — I take it as a sign of age and diminished popularity that he can’t just strip women in public and spray them with seltzer water or whatever he does and still expect them to like him).