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We had a discussion a while back on this blog over whether it made more sense to post items using my real name, or my “Mutantfrog” handle. After speaking to a relative the other day and hearing that there was some confusion over the multiple author situation (realization that I wasn’t writing everything on here struck after seeing Adam mention his wife in a post), I decided that it would probably be a good time to switch to my real name.

Readers should take note that the author name appears under the title of each post, next to the date, and to the left of the author icon. While Adam and Joe have actual photographs of themselves for the author icon, mine currently remains the frog icon, which is also now the site icon, but I suppose that could also change in the future.

4 thoughts on “Real names”

  1. For the quality, time and effort you guys put into this, you ought to use your own names so that you get credit for your efforts. You of course have to take responsibility for what you write, but you know that already, so that’s nothing new. I think this is a good move.

  2. Thanks Gen. My real name has always been in the sidebar on the main page (at least it has for a couple of years), and most people who actually send me direct emails through the blog used my name and not handle in addressing me, but I’ve noticed that most blogs or other media who link here just say “Mutantfrog” unless we’ve had some personal contact, so it would probably be a good idea to have my real name out there, with “Mutantfrog” remaining the website name, but not mine.

  3. Hey,why not write some more about the garden state for non American readers for this is travelogue afterall.
    I’m wondering what becomes of the turnpike after nearly quater of a century of my absence from New Jersey.Is Great Adventure(of the six flags theme park) still there?What happened to Flushing/Fort Lee Japan town that I’ve heard it is now changed as Taiwan/Korea town?I really really miss New Jersey!

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