The Mideast envoy?

The following is a brief exchange from this video, beginning at around 4:20.

Narrator: Who is the Antichrist?

Woman:  He will be charismatic but he will also be a man of peace, so he will be one who has promoted peace for many years.

Man: There is gonna be a peace treaty, but that’s a false peace treaty. Eventually when The Lord comes back, that’ll take care of it.

Mustachioed man: The one who forces Israel into a peace treaty with the Arabs is the one who is- you have to watch out for.

Narrator: Is the beast.

Mustache man: Right.

So, if Tony Blair succeeds in his new job, that makes him the Antichrist?

7 thoughts on “The Mideast envoy?”

  1. For christ sake, all these religious lunatics…

    As I have never been to the states I don’t know the present state of christian rights in USA, but recently watching the docu movie “Jesus camp”, these movements in the states makes me worry.

    Is there any book recomended to understand what is happening in the states now?

    Academic books are also welcomed.

  2. Don’t forget that Blair is also already rumoured to have secretly converted to Catholicism.

    Tomojiro: In all seriousness, religious lunatics have no bearing on my daily life, except insofar as they affect national politics. Of course, I live in the New York City area.

  3. Well, there is a subset of Protestant eschatologists who think Catholics serve the antiChrist already. Maybe Blair could be their anti-Christ.

    Tomojiro: You could start with the work of Sara Diamond, one of my favorite scholars on the subject of heavy-duty Christian rightists (I assume you’re asking about those: if you’re asking about the state of the rights of Christians, I’d have to say that they have at least as many as the rest of us, but not as many as they’d like), and the blogger/author Dave Neiwert (aka Orcinus).

  4. Thanks a lot Professor Dresner

    Yes, I wanted to say the “Christian rightists”.
    I will definitly purchase books by Sara Diamond.
    Thanks again!

  5. In all seriousness, history deniers have no bearing on my daily life,but to be frank,nobody in my office actually believe in coercion of Korean woman to the comfort station by the Imperial army.But seemingly that’s not what the U.S house of the representatives has chose to believe.

    Is this true believer mentality only limited within “Christian” and “rightist”in America?
    I have to wonder,Because that mentality seems to me related with something lies
    beneath of very Americana itself.The myth of do-gooder and confidant Americans.

    We’ve seen this pattern of American behavior of rushing toward ready made goal prior to research beforehand.Alienates faithful ally while focusing on the topics selected by the internal interest groups.Ignore the expected political backrush and potential spill over.
    and I thought these guys were “Christian Rightist”(read neocons),but Tom Lantos being the holocaust survivor and Mike Honda being hard core liberal,I have to scratch my head and wonder whether this is universal to all camps of American political world.

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