Bear with me

My Internet connectivity troubles continue. I am online right now, but Comcast has spent far more time disconnected than connected over the past week, and since I’m back home in Montclair where the cell phone reception is awful, I don’t have the option of using my cell phone as an emergency network connection to get work done on my PC. There will be a tech coming from Verizon next week to install their FiOS (fiber to the home) service so I hope that my connection will be rock solid after that, but I also expect it to be highly sporadic this week, so I will most likely have to push back the blog upgrades I was planning on working on, as well as the normal posting I was hoping to do. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to sneak in a couple of updates while the network is on.

As for the others, Adam has now moved into his new apartment but seems not yet to be well settled in, and Joe is rather preoccupied studying for the New Jersey and New York state bar exams in a few weeks, so I don’t expect to see much out of either of them in the immediate future.

5 thoughts on “Bear with me”

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    Sony ain’t pimping no more and this castration of the prices shows that and a bag of chips.

    It blows mad goats that the Nintendo stocks ain’t traded on any NYSE or Nasdaqs but just ghetto ass OTC being an unsponsored ADR and shit

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