Leeds-based Jazz Bassist has a hep name

Cafe Adam might be an acquired taste, but I wish my namesake all the best anyway:

To put it bluntly Café Adam are absolutely ridiculous, but that’s the whole point! Comprising the technical ability of Jazz bassist Adam Richards and manic vocal talents of Adam ‘Benbow’ Browne, the two Adams have undeniably created something that they can entirely call their own.

I feel it’s important to point out that I have seen Café Adam before, because musically and conceptually they are quite difficult to digest. Heavily influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, The Fall and extreme electronic music pioneers Whitehouse, Café Adam sound like Techno Pop terrorists. Very political and very un-PC at the same time, they blast out songs about wearing women’s clothing, cooking ‘poncey’ food and why you shouldn’t take a full time job at a bank. Armed with slogans like ‘Café Adam will take your face off’ Adam ‘Benbow’ Browne delivers his lyrics with a manic jerkiness reminiscent of Ian Curtis and with all the pompous melodrama of a Morrissey chorus. It may take you a little time to fully ‘get’ Café Adam but it might just be worth the effort.