12 thoughts on “Settling in”

  1. In fact last week I was badly sunburned after a trip to Hua Hin beach. That’s what a week of cloudy Japan weather will do to a white-boy like myself.

  2. That’s funny. Normally Japanese dogs are named after dead French emperors, American silent-movie stars and the like. “Chap” short for “Chaplin”, maybe?

  3. Not dead or French, but a dog that belonged to a family I stayed with in Kyushu was called “Hardly Windsor”, which was a rather good name for a dog….

    Mrs Adamu has a nice place. Looks like a garden out there. I think I remember what a garden is, at any rate….

  4. I liked “Taking Charge”is linked as related post.

    You with Pomeranian and newspaper in the hand do look like ideal old school Japanese husband.
    All it takes now is to remove T-shirts and shorts with blue yukatas and say
    “Oi,where’s my coffee”.

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