Late night Yoshinoya coming back March 1

Great news: Yoshinoya plans to sell its famous gyudon beef bowl dish until midnight every night starting March 1, extending it from the previous cutoff of 3pm. So that means when I get back to Japan in April, the green tea donuts will be gone and I can have real Yoshinoya almost whenever I want it. Yessss

6 thoughts on “Late night Yoshinoya coming back March 1”

  1. Hey, green tea donuts are nice. They don’t really taste of tea in any discernible fashion, but they’re still nice, lovely colour, and good texture. And you get bragging rights to add to the clichéd “Wow man Japan is just so, like, weird” stories everyone back home likes to hear.

    I never understand the popularity of Yoshinoya though. I find the meat to be very poor quality and mostly stringy fat. True, they are cheap….

  2. You have to eat it with a raw egg for full effect.

    Oh, and I just noticed that the extra large size is now available too.

    If the tea donuts are still available when I get there I’ll give one a try. But if they arent the Mr Donuts will have returned to “normal” and I’ll be none the wiser.. sort of

  3. Anyways, Adamu, please listen to me. Not that it’s really related to this thread, of course.
    I went to Yoshinoya a while ago; you know, Yoshinoya? That beef-bowl place? Well anyways there was an insane number of people there, and I couldn’t get in.
    And then, I looked at the banner hanging from the ceiling, and it had “150 yen off” written on it.
    Oh, the stupidity. Those idiots.
    Hey you, don’t come to Yoshinoya just because it’s 150 yen off, fool.
    It’s only 150 yen, 1-5-0 YEN for crying out loud.
    There’re even entire families here. Family of 4, all out for some Yoshinoya, huh? How fucking nice.
    “Alright, daddy’s gonna order the extra-large.” God I can’t bear to watch.
    You people, I’ll give you 150 yen if you get the fuck out of those seats.
    Yoshinoya should be a bloody place.
    That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of the U-shaped table can be sitting there looking at each other funny all night long, and then all of a sudden just start fighting,
    the stab-or-be-stabbed mentality, that’s what’s great about this place.
    Women and children should screw off and stay home.
    Anyways, I was about to start eating, and then the bastard beside me goes “Gimma an extra-large, with extra sauce!”
    I was like, “Who in the world orders extra sauce nowadays, you moron?”
    I want to ask him, “Do you REALLY want to eat it with extra sauce?”
    I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour.
    “Are you seriously gonna eat all that? I don’t think you are. I bet you just wanted to say ‘extra sauce’ out loud while breathing through your mouth, you dumb fuck.”
    Coming from a Yoshinoya veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this: extra green onion.
    That’s right, extra green onion. This is the vet’s way of eating.
    When you get “extra green onion”, that means you’re not going to get a ton of sauce. But instead you get a SHITLOAD of green onions. But on the other hand, the price is a tad higher. This is the key.
    But you put a raw egg on top of it. And then, it’s delicious. This is unbeatable.
    However, if you order this then there’s the danger that you’ll be marked by the employees from next time on. Like the next time you walk in there, all the staff are gonna be like “Holy shit it’s that dude who ordered the extra green onion the other week.” It’s a double-edged sword.
    I can’t recommend it to amateurs.
    What this all really means, though, is that you, Adamu, should just stick with the daily special.

  4. I don’t really understand all the hoopla about Yoshinoya. All the time while they did not serve gyudon there, you could get it at their rival Sukiya, who I think make a much better one, anyway.

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