Quick robot update

  • Perhaps this “Wii-bot” could be a candidate for the future Terminator-style police that will be patrolling Singapore in the near future. Though if I developed a warrior class of robots, I wouldn’t just accept some award, I’d just take over Singapore and be done with it.
  • And Kao has developed a robot that can breathe:

Kao Devises ‘Breathing’ Robot To Help Develop Pollen Masks TOKYO (Nikkei)–Kao Corp. (4452) has created a robot that resembles a human face and is designed for use in developing hay fever prevention masks and air conditioners.

The robot “breathes” out air of the same temperature and humidity as human breath and can measure the number of pollen grains it has inhaled.

The device consists of a model of an average Japanese head equipped with an air pump, a heater, a pollen-measuring system and other parts.

One thought on “Quick robot update”

  1. That breathing “robot” doesn’t really sound like a robot to me. It sounds like a machine. I thought that “robot” meant a machine that manipulates things.

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