Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum: New and improved!

You can’t understand how deeply disturbed I was a moment ago when I couldn’t access Morgan Stanley’s Global Economic Forum. Where the hell am I supposed to get frank assessments of the Japanese political/economic scene for an investment audience without the Forum?!

Thankfully, they didn’t do anything insane like turn it into a pay service. Instead, they have vastly improved their site and unified their contents section! The icing on the cake? RSS feeds of the GEF! Joy!

In our latest installment:

As shown in preliminary Jul-Sep GDP numbers, the contrast between the corporate sector and the household sector has intensified, and this gap is not likely to close for some time. We assume that it will take a year or more for a positive growth cycle to develop, as momentum on the corporate front gradually spreads to the consumer and household level. Thus, while lack of support from consumer spending is likely to result in a slowing through F3/08, we expect growth in corporate spending to allow for continued gradual growth in the economy overall. Thus, we look for improved productivity to contribute to ultra-stable prices going forward.

Ahh, it’s good to have you back, my sweet Forum.

For those of you who liked the godawful calendar format for the archives, it’s still available.