Understatement of the day

From the NYT:

[…]the National Security Council released a statement saying that [a nuclear test] would “severely undermine our confidence in North Korea’s commitment to denuclearization.”

If my friend Ted had a steak dinner it would undermine my confidence in his commitment to vegetarianism.

If the local parish priest attended an orgy, it would undermind my confidence in his vow of celibacy.

3 thoughts on “Understatement of the day”

  1. It’s amazing how many there are who defend NK deluded ideas about itself, and not just in SK. This kind of soft-pedaling is frightening, though perhaps not so surprising.

  2. Jonny: I don’t believe you grasp the distinction between soft-pedaling and diplomacy.

    Joe: So has DARPA finished developing those autonomous robotic tunneling mines then?

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