Crossing to Hakodate

After our trip to Osorezan, Curzon and I wandered across the Shimokita Peninsula to the port of Oma, then boarded a ferry to cross the Tsugaru Strait to Hokkaido.

One of Hakodate’s most well-known features is Mount Hakodate, which rises over the south end of the city and is said to have one of the most amazing nighttime views in the world, on par with the mountain in Hong Kong.

There was a problem, though. As Hakodate came into sight, we noticed that the mountain was wearing a nice little toupee of clouds:

Mount Hakodate

After dinner that evening (crabs! squids!), we decided to get on the cable car and head up the mountain. We got an incredible view of the city for about 30 seconds before it all turned into gray muck: the top of the mountain offered no view at all, just fog illuminated by floodlights.

On the other hand, I must say that Hakodate’s cable cars are an awesome mode of transportation: now I want to build a line between the Mori Tower and the Izumi Garden in Tokyo. I’m sure Curzon will volunteer a photo (as I forgot my camera for the trip up the mountain).

3 thoughts on “Crossing to Hakodate”

  1. Ah, natsukashii… I went to language school in Hakodate, halfway up the side of Hakodatesan, at the top of Hachimanzaka.
    I share your disappointment at the fog. Every year, there’s one night in the late summer when everyone turns on every light in the city, and people walk up to the top of the mountain to see the night view. The year I was there, it was foggy, so it was all for nothing.

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