To the far end of the island, and the near end of the next

Lord Curzon and I are going on a little trip next week. His ultimate plan is to trek around the north side of Hokkaido by bicycle. Unfortunately, being all about the benjamins, I don’t have an extra two weeks to spare for that part. Instead, I’ll be accompanying Curzon on the first leg of our trip, from Tokyo through the northern tip of Honshu and into Hokkaido.

Our itinerary will find us visiting Aomori (population 300,000), Mutsu (population 50,000), Osorezan (a volcano traditionally believed to be an entrance to Hell), the miniscule port of Oma (population 6,000), and finally Hakodate (population 300,000–thank God, I was starting to feel lonely). From Hakodate, Curzon will continue on up through Hokkaido while I head back to Tokyo by train, seeing half of Japan in the process.

5 thoughts on “To the far end of the island, and the near end of the next”

  1. Looking forward to it, my good sir!

    I trust you’re not above carrying the Viceroy’s baggage? My regular squire and coolies will not be joining us.

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