5 thoughts on “Koizumi and Jordanian King Driving CAUGHT ON CAMERA”

  1. LOL
    Keep me laughing, Adamu, keep me laughing…

    (I love this blog’s irreverent take on just about everything regarding Japan. This is so much better than the typical, “look, I found a pantie vending machine!” and “OMG, I saw a schoolgirl in a porn movie!” posts on Japan blogs.)

  2. Thank God I got all that bullshit out of my system long ago. I’d love to interview an owner of one of those vending machines, though. The distribution channels of Japanese porn are sure to prove at least as interesting as most goods.

    The thing about most of the eikaiwa teacher blogs is they make no attempt to really understand how Japan works, since that is way less interesting than orgasming over monkeys bathing in the onsen or whatever. The information is there if a little disparate, but the majority of international travelers is not very interested in boring details in favor of more satisfying exoticism.

  3. Although rest assured, if I ever happen across a monkey bathing in an onsen with my camera, a photo will be posted. In fact, pretty much any encounter with a monkey is worth documenting.

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