Mr. Icky Raises Japan’s Interest Rate

no-pan shabu shabu.jpg

BOJ Chief Toshihiko Fukui has raised Japan’s interest rates to 0.25%, ending a nearly 6-year period free or less than free money in Japan.

If you’ve spent any extended time in Japan then you have surely had an encounter with an Oyaji (or “ossan” depending on the circumstances). Chances are he looked something like this. You may have suspected that he at one time or another frequented one of Japan’s legalized prostitution hubs, but unlike Mr. Fukui here you had no proof that he liked his shabu shabu with no underwear. Nonetheless, the bad English, stinky breath, irrational claims of Japanese superiority, and general ickiness no doubt put you off.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you King of Oyaji. Behold, and fear for Japan’s future!

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  1. Cute post. Certainly Fukui looks like a nice old man, yet his perverted escapades and ethical quandaries are enough to apply your palm to your forward and exclaim, “what the fuck is up with these guys?”

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