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  1. The levels of the dance of  AUM dance team and an original chorus tune and animation, etc. are unexpectedly high. However, AUM is homicide cult. It is too MOTTAINAI.
    All Japanese knows “theme of SHOKO ASAHARA” & “song of I’m Innocent”.

  2. Masaco, what dance team and chorus line?? Do you have a video of it?

  3. ttp://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/i/sinzinrui/song5.html

    At that time, acting of the dance team of AUM was able often to be seen around the
    station in the main city. I think that it can do nothing but hunt the news topics if there is a movie.
    The song is fully preserved the link ahead.However, the possibility that is the site made by the AUM believer is high. It hesitates somehow.

    The quality should have gone up a little more if good musical instruments were used. That might be a Casio tone. Though it is musical instruments of which Japan boasts.
    I like 「麻原彰晃マーチ」、「エンマの数え歌」、「SSAの歌」.
    There are lyrics said, “The consumption tax is abolished(ショーコーショーコー 消費税廃止)” because the SHOKO march was a song made for the election campaign.

  4. http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/i/sinzinrui/song5.html

    The dance was often seen around the station in the major city when AUM ran in election and
    when raided. The chorus was chorusing the SYOKO march with believers’ wearing
    elephant’s headgear. The elephant seems to be Ganasha (god in India).
    They might be found if looking for an old news image.

  5. Well after watching this video I think that it’s kind of some meditation that can give you such a power. I really liked this and think that via meditation one can attain the powers of the nature.

  6. Don’t forget the sarin gas. Via meditation and sarin gas attacks on subways, one can attain the powers of the nature.

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