More than Half of Japanese Men Sit Down to Pee

I’m busy packing now, but I just wanted to direct you to this recent rant from Nikkan Gendai (a sensational tabloid that uber-commentator Naoki Inose has described as a good read on the ride home when you just want to say fuck you to the powers that be). According to the writer’s unscientific observations, more than half of Japanese men are now sitting down to pee.

Question to you: is this true? I’m not sure exactly how this guy was investigating men’s rooms, but find out!

At this one place where I worked (scanning Japanese medical journal articles for the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD) what pissed me off in the men’s room was noticing people purposely not flush the urinals, as if they were afraid of the germs contained in the flusher. There were days when I’d notice that none of the urinals were flushed. Granted, these are NIH contractors, so they know a lot we don’t. But that doesn’t give them some pass to “let it mellow” just because they think their immune systems can’t handle it! And anyway, isn’t leaving stagnant urine around a health risk of its own?

7 thoughts on “More than Half of Japanese Men Sit Down to Pee”

  1. A friend from Germany once told me that German men usually sit down to pee in their own home, because cleaning up the extra spillage that can come from standing is too much trouble. Sounds reasonable enough-good old German efficiency.

  2. Sitting down to pee is evidence of advanced civilization. If you’re not using a urinal, sit the fuck down. It’s one of my biggest gripes about being in America. Everytime I go to a public toilet to take a crap I have to fear the seat. Half the time it’s covered in piss because the god damn barbarians in this country piss whereever they like with abandon. It’s revolting. I don’t know why the ladies haven’t civilized their men yet.

  3. You guys are kidding, right? With any luck America will never become a nation of sitzpinklers. Sitting down to pee is evidence of emasculation, not civilization.

  4. Hey Wedge, that’s fine — enjoy Seoul, and please stay the hell away from Tokyo. All I can say is I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of “manly” America in four short weeks and going back to Japan.

    And on the topc of emasculation, South Korea and the US are the first two nations on my list that could use less testosterone.

  5. Agreed, Curzon. Sitting down to pee is also a welcome relief from the stresses of daily life. When you’re totally swamped at work, every time you go to the bathroom becomes a good 20 seconds of solitude on a quiet throne of contemplation.

  6. In prison rapists make their “punks” sit down to pee to make them think that they are hooking up with a woman. Sitting down to pee takes away masculinity especially because you have to tuck your genitals back between your legs and make yourself look like a woman besides just acting like one.

  7. What are you guys saying? I will never be sitting to piss! use your common sense your anotomy says standing is the go, thats why you were born with a penis! I have been living in Germany now for a few months and can proudly say that I have made more than a few men see the error of thier ways! the key is acuracy! If you are acurate and aware of “after dribbles” there should be no mess! I seriously think you gus need to “MAN UP”

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