URGENT: Want to Work in DC? Can you read Japanese? We have a job for you!

UPDATE: This job opportunity is no longer valid.

As some of you may know, I am leaving my position as a translator/researcher here at a Washington law firm for the hotter, smellier (but nevertheless totally awesome) pastures of Bangkok. However, plans have hit something of a snag since we can’t seem to find my replacement!

So I’ve decided to repost the ad here in the hopes that some of my readers (or their friends) might be up to the task. Here’s the official job posting:

The Washington, DC office of Dewey Ballantine LLP seeks to fill a part time or full-time position with the International Trade Group’s Japan Team. The candidate will work closely with attorneys and other legal professionals in assisting with filings and conducting research both in Japanese and English.

Required qualifications are outstanding English-Japanese bilingual and English writing skills, professional translation experience from Japanese to English, and a strong interest in Japanese policy matters. A brief language test will be given during the interview. Please no J.D. candidates or attorneys.

Please e-mail your resume/cover letter to:
Maki Hishikawa
Director of Japan Research
Dewey Ballantine LLP

Dewey Ballantine LLP is an equal opportunity employer.

Basically, we are looking for someone with native-level English but also very strong Japanese reading comprehension skills — i.e. sufficient to digest any given newspaper article in Japanese and be able to abstract it in well-written English. Feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested and qualified.

6 thoughts on “URGENT: Want to Work in DC? Can you read Japanese? We have a job for you!”

  1. Well, you’d be surprised. People will claim this or that about their Japanese – pretty much everyone has claimed professional translation experience – but when we actually test them they manage to misunderstand every part of the material.

  2. I’m not exactly ‘enjoying’ school all that much right now (my case of May-Sickness just wont go away)… Looks interesting.. But I don’t have much professional translation experience other then a brief one year stint; and my English isn’t so good 🙁

  3. Hi there!

    Is this job opportunity still up for grabs? Does it make sense for Non-Americans to apply? I am an Indian national currently residing in Japan as an English language teacher. However, my major is Japanese language.
    Advice would be appreciated

  4. Vinnie,

    Considering that this post is three years old, you could probably figure out that it’s no longer valid. I am not involved with this company anymore, by the way.

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