Selling my kids to a Caymans entity

I was working on an international divorce case recently, involving parties in Japan and the US. If you know Japanese family law, you know this is going to suck for someone, because the rule in Japan is that the wife gets the kids and the husband pays for them without having the right to see them (unless there’s some sort of amicable agreement to the contrary, but there never is when the parties are completely nuts, as is generally the case).

So here’s my plan if I ever marry a Japanese person: We agree to give up our kids for adoption by a third party. Like placing assets in trust. I’m thinking of starting an offshore corporation—Joe’s Kids Limited, registered in the Cayman Islands.

12 thoughts on “Selling my kids to a Caymans entity”

  1. Would it be possible under Japanese law to sign a prenuptual agreement stating that in the event of a divorce, any children born within the marriage would be kept under dual guardianship with child support fees paid in a strict ratio based on the relative incomes of the two parents?

  2. Well, I guess that condition of divorce makes for less complexities post-divorce. And the whole Cayman Islands idea sounds great! 😉

  3. I don’t know what Curzon’s problem is… this plan would bring more money to his Empire.

  4. Joe, I’ll be happy to write the agreement — and charge by the hour.
    I just think the values behind it are pretty fucked up.

  5. I think the responsibilities of children should be shared by both,the mother and father. That has to be mentioned in the agreement……

  6. The problem with such a simple prenup proposal about childcare is that it makes no allowances for what happens when a parent is no longer mentally of physically fit to take care of the children, or not even stable enough to be trusted with their own children (which happens rather frequently.)

    And no, I’m not a Democrat (or a Republican!). I didn’t say this is what I would want, just that a theoretical child-wanting getting married person could ask for it, I suppose.

  7. Thanx for the information about japan laws. Even i would never marry a japanese girl with so much biasness prevailing there. Why the hell should ONLY men suffer for no fault of theirs?
    I completely support you in your actions.

  8. I suppose agreement should be made as such, one marrying a japanese gal is not allowed to ve children. ):

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