3 thoughts on “Balloon heart”

  1. I spent a long time looking for the Digital Rebel in Japan, before googling and finding out that it’s called the Digital Kiss over here. Sadly, it’s still way out of my price range… 🙁

  2. You could proably get the original Digital Rebel (Kiss) for like $500 these days. I’ve even seen the very heavily upgraded second edition for as little as $700. If you’re interested in it, it would be well worth it to wait a few extra months and get that instead of a miniature digicam of vastly inferior image quality.

  3. It’s still 100,000 Yen ($1000) at Yodobashi Camera. Back in the UK it’s close to £500 (same USD price). I could wait, but I think I can get a better deal on a Fuji SLR camera over here than back home (I return sometime in June).

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