Eikaiwa Teacher Nabbed for Marijuana Possession, Yukan Fuji Makes fun of His Japanese


“I had marijuana”… Middle School Asst English Teacher Arrested

The Gunma Prefectural Police, Shibukawa Precinct, arrested a male American citizen (34) working as an assistant English teacher at a middle school in Shinto Village [a real town, not some Japanese-style Santaland, unfortunately – Adamu], Gunma, for possession of marijuana.

According to police investigations, the man had several grams of marijuana in his home. The man was the only asst. English teacher in the village and has been employed on a contract basis since August. He has admitted the crime and the precinct intends to pursue questioning on the route by which he obtained the drugs.

ZAKZAK 2006/04/06

Now, take a look at this headline:


(The words before the ellipse mean “I had marijuana” written in letters to mockingly indicate a foreign accent)

For you gaijin in Japan who get hot under the collar when Japanese people praise your Japanese, maybe you should try getting arrested! I can guarantee no one will tell you how smart you are for learning such a hard language, certainly not the press.

(Picture plucked from Google Images and probably does not depict the actual suspect)

8 thoughts on “Eikaiwa Teacher Nabbed for Marijuana Possession, Yukan Fuji Makes fun of His Japanese”

  1. Dude, he needs a black bar over his eyes to protect his identity, especially since its Japan, but also cause this is a random gaijin!

  2. Well, if he elected to bar his eyes in the first place, that would be fine. But this person left himself open to the uncritical standard of Google Image Search, providing you and I with untold amusement!

  3. When I went to Japan about 5 years ago, one could (not that I ever did) buy psylocybin cubensis over the counter in specialty shops (usually those selling “underground” comic books and that sort of thing). Perfectly legal, as in Bali. Then, the Japanese decided to outlaw cubensis.

    It seems that whenever the people start having fun, the government steps in and disrupts the party.

  4. Unfortunately, Japan’s anti weed stance is just as foreign as the AET. Japan went anti-weed (after thousands of years utilizing hemp and marijuana) during the US occupation. Thanks again America!! We have to make sure to keep them mexicans out of Japan just like we did in the 30s when we started the anti-marijuana laws.

  5. I’m not really sure what Rated R’s point is, but according to a book I once read on this history of marijuana, the ban seems to have come about due to a combination of various things, including anti-Mexican racism, lobbying by tobbaco interests, disapproval by Hearst (who ran very important newspapers at the time), and a general discomfort with a recreational drug that was not traditional in Anglo/American society, as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine were.

  6. How hard is it to abstain from illegal drugs while living in a foreign country? Is it really that difficult?

    In places like Korea and Japan where the penalties can be severe, what is up with this attitude that, dude, the locals are just a bunch of prudes so, fuck it, let’s do what we did back in Canada, California, or Canberra?

    If you can’t go for x-amount of time without smoking pot, don’t come to Japan/Korea, etc., for x-amount of time.

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