Adam Richardses of the World: CUT IT THE HELL OUT ALREADY

Will the violence ever stop? Just once I’d like to see some wholesome, non-violent Adam Richards-related news.

31 March 2006
What knife thug screamed as he chased dog and stabbed it 16 times
By Richard Smith

DRUNKEN Richard Kilcommons stabbed his pet labrador to death after chasing it, crying out: “Let’s see how quick Bessy is!”

In a sickening attack Kilcommons, 41, plunged a 7in kitchen knife 16 times into the devoted animal’s back and sides as she yelped in agony.

The case follows a spate of shocking acts of animal cruelty. Earlier this week drug-fuelled thug Peter Dibden, of Billingham, Teesside, was fined £900 for stabbing his giant bull mastiff to death with a two-metre samurai sword.

Damien French, who dropped a live rabbit into an alligator’s mouth at a zoo in Colwyn Bay, faces jail. In January Adam Richards, 18, of Heamoor, Cornwall, was jailed for six months for stabbing and kicking to death a pregnant hedgehog.

2 thoughts on “Adam Richardses of the World: CUT IT THE HELL OUT ALREADY”

  1. Well, it’s hard to sink lower than kicking a pregnant hedgehog to death. That’s a double hedgehog homicide! Of course, the reason we never see happy Adam Richards news is because the media are (to use the cliche) in the *bad* news business from the get-go. Unless our name shows up in The Onion at some point, we’re never going to see a story like “Adam Richards Wins Knife Fight Against Killer Klown Gang” or “Adam Richards Finds Five Bucks” or even “Adam Richards Leading in Dog-catcher By-election Exit Polls” – here’s hoping though.

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