Sugimura Just Can’t Get it Right


Taizo’s One-sided Date in Chinatown – 26-year-old Hot Secretary Tells All
“This is the last time, so let’s get together just the two of us,” No touching

Yukan Fuji has learned on March 16 that just before announcing his engagement, the “100% Koizumi Child” and self-described representative of the unemployed LDP Diet member Taizo Sugimura (PR, S. Kanto block, 26yo) was on a date with the ravishing private secretary (26) of former prime minister Tsutomu Hata. Sugimura (or “Taizo” as he is often called by his given name) had just announced his engagement the previous day. The act may be misinterpreted as “cheating,” but the woman, in an interview with Yukan Fuji, denied such allegations forcefully, remarking, “I am like his female friend (who doesn’t see him as a [dateable] man).”

According to the woman, she picked him up in a white Mercedes-Benz at his official residence in Sanda, Minato District, Tokyo, on the morning of March 12, whereupon he got in the passenger’s seat. After driving a few hundred meters, Taizo took the wheel and headed down the Metropolitan Expressway, finally arriving at a parking lot in Yokohama’s Chinatown. They ate lunch approximately 1.5 hours later and then returned to the official residence.

The woman denied a special relationship with Sugimura: “We went out to eat, but Representative Sugimura is a friend who I hang out with other friends my age. Even then, we didn’t make anything more than small talk.”

She is a private secretary working in the office of former prime minister Hata, and possesses good looks such that she appeared in a photo magazine’s “Beautiful Dietmembers’ Secretaries Special Feature.” Her style is in a class all its own, and she resembles actresses Akiko Yada and Uno Kanda. She is rumored to be dating a male corporate worker.

According to her story, she met Taizo when she was working at the office of DPJ Secretary General Yukio Hatoyama and hung out with him among multiple friends. The woman explained, “Representative Sugimura had asked me several times ‘let’s get something to eat just the two of us,’ but I made sure we always included other friends.” A confidential source told us, “Sugimura was obviously hitting on her,” so no matter how one looks at it, it seems to be a one-sided relationship on the part of Mr. Sugimura.

The woman knew Sugimura was getting married, but after being invited to “eat together just the two of us since it’s the last time,” she “accepted, thinking it was to report his engagement. It was like eating lunch with a friend.” She said that during their meal, he did not try to hold her hand or kiss her.

Taizo visited the prime minister’s residence on March 14 and reported his engagement to PM Junichiro Koizumi: “I have gotten a woman who I’d like to spend my life protecting out of love.”

On March 15 the media learned of his suspicious date and followed him all day, but he ignored their questions. Before 7AM the same day, he posted message that may be interpreted as an apology for cheating on his blog: “I think I will give her a lot of hardship.”

At 10:45AM, he uploaded an unusual second post for the day: “I have received the question, ‘What kind of person is [your fiancee]?’ She is a normal person. Normal is best. Really, she calms me down (embarrassed face).” He was keen to quell the suspicions.

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Rep. Taizo Causes Scandal Yet Again! Skips Diet Deliberations to Announce Engagement to Prime Minister

While everyone was telling him congratulations, it turns out he was skipping Diet deliberations! The LDP’s Rep. Taizo Sugimura (26) visited PM Junichiro Koizumi (64) at his official residence and announced that he “found a person he wants to spend his life with.” However, he sparked a flurry of criticism from both sides of the Diet once it was found the he went to announce the engagement while skipping deliberations of the Health, Labor, and Welfare Committee, which he belongs to. Members told him to “consider the situation” and called him a “trivial Diet member.” Who does he think he is, putting his marriage announcement over Diet deliberations?! Taizo, get with it and get over being such a scandalous guy!!!

It looks like Taizo, who has gained attention for several “airheaded” statements, is at it again.

Sugimura visited the PM’s residence and gave a passionate report of his engagement: “I have gotten a woman who I love love so much and want to spend the rest of my life protecting.” The PM encouraged him, saying, “That’s a good thing. Keep steady and do your best.”

If that was all, it would be happily ever after, but Taizo was doing something outrageous at that time. Why, it seems he was skipping the deliberations of the HLW Committee, which he belongs to, in order to announce his engagement.

Taizo emphasized the necessity of announcing his engagement, saying “(The PM) is my superior,” and explained, “There is no way I could get him to meet me on any day but today,” but who would have thought he’d place his private business over his public duties?! Criticism fumed from both ruling and opposition parties,

(1) It looks like Sugimura has not yet found his official Diet secretary yet. He needs to get one as soon as possible. Whoever he hires will be able to tell him a) Don’t schedule your meeting with the Prime Minister at the same time as one of your only responsibilities in the Diet; and b) Don’t schedule a date for the night after you propose to someone else.

(2) If you have to cheat, at least get to second base! – do what all the other Diet members do – marry someone connected by blood to a famous politician, and get your jollies from a high-paid hooker/mistress. This sentimental bullshit is typical of the Ainori values of the younger generation in Japan and it makes me sick.