Thinking past the first step?

During one of my walks over the weekend, passing through Dupont Circle I stumbled across a sleeply 3rd year anniversary protest of the War in Iraq. It had all the common characteristics of such protests: bad poetry slams by wanna-be Jello Biafras, lots of people in need of a bath, a heaping helping of ill-conceived self-righteousness, Lyndon Larouche zombies, and more stupid signs than I could count.

I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to search the web for something similar, and I think this does the trick, well illustrating one of the most foolish signs I saw that afternoon:

I wonder if these people are actually thinking about what they’re asking for. I say America sould give them their wish. Impeach Bush; bring on President Cheney!

7 thoughts on “Thinking past the first step?”

  1. If a Bush impeachment and removal were to actually succeed at trial and the public’s general impression were that he deserved to be removed, I think a Cheney presidency would be seen at best as a caretaker administration and people would be hoping for a competent Democratic moderate, or if President Cheney chose not to run in 2008, a competent Republican moderate who seems not to have been too muddied by supporting the war.

    Nixon resigned to avoid being impeached, and that led to Ford being a caretaker president. I don’t see a Cheney presidency being in any more a position of strength at that point.

  2. yes but kushibo don’t you get it – left wingers STINK! They get off on their fantasies of Bush being hung by his heels, consequences be damned!

    Anyone inspired to join a “sleepy” organized protest, this post seems to imply, is already too stupid to have an informed opinion.

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