Job opportunity for readers in Japan

I subscribe to the Gaijinpot mailing list just in case something interesting ever comes up amidst the sea of eikaiwa jobs, and today something finally did. If anyone reading these actually applies for the job, please send me some stories.

Working Hour: 10:00~18:15

Business detail All of business of
Airport Mourning-coach Service relating to a corpse and ashes of the Japanese who passed away in foreign country repatriated by air transportation.

All of business of Airport Mourning-coach Service relating to a corpse and ashes of the foreigner who passed away in Japan repatriated by air transportation.

All consultancy business and carrying out of sanctions business about superscription.

Line of business Operation service
Entry service
Departure service
Casketing service
Restorative and make up service
Documentation service
Vicarious execution service for registration
Mourning coach service
Consultation service of the farewell service for
Sale of a funerals-and-festivals article

  • Company Introduction
  • We respond with your urgent calls…
  • 24 hours 365 days.

    When a Japanese passed away abroad.
    Operating procedures when a corpse enters Japan.
    Handling of demise documents issued in foreign country.
    Changed from a foreign coffin to a coffin of Japanese standard.
    A corpse is transported from arrival Airport to destination in a land route and an air route.
    We make the supplementary document which is necessary for demise entry.
    We contact a government office to register demise with and help you.

    We can offer total service that enshrine their corpse and ashes returning to their home from arrival Airport.

    When foreigner passed away in Japan.
    When foreigner passed away in Japan, it is difficult to file for documents based on laws and ordinances.
    Therefore so early as possible, we can repatriate their corpse or ashes to their family by conforming to laws and ordinances and international standard in accumulated know-how.

    We can offer total service to repatriate a corpse and ashes of foreigner from the locus which passed away in Japan to airport of the mother country.

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    1. Like most of the jobs on that site, you can’t even apply unless you’re already in Japan with status that makes it legal for you to work. Alas.

    2. Gaijinpot isn’t bad, but it’s still true that 90% of their job listings are for English teaching, and 90% of those that are not require you to already be in Japan to even email your resume in, which makes it rather less than useful. I believe that share the latter characteristic.

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