Man Goes to Police with Found Wallet, is arrested for Carrying Kitchen Knife, Confesses to Burning Own Apartment Building Down


Osaka Prefectural Police, South Precinct rearrested a male (22) describing himself as a part-time administrative worker of Chuo District, Osaka City, on suspicion of arson on December 20.

According to the police investigation, the man allegedly set fire to the toilet paper in his apartment’s bathroom at approximately 3:00 AM on December 19, almost completely burning down the 2-story, 320m2 wooden building. A man (46) sustained a light injury to his hand.

Less than an hour after the arson, the suspect visited the South Precinct, telling police, “I found a wallet [on the street],” but was then arrested red-handed for violating the Gun and Blade Law for carrying a kitchen knife on his person. In response to questioning, the man reportedly said, “I started to hate the world and thought I wanted to die.”