Two Reasons to Love Washington

(Please forgive the rambling, Schumin-esque post. This is about as exciting as my life gets these days.)

Reason 1: I stop by American University, my alma mater, last weekend to catch up on some research.

Feeling hungry, I decide to stop by the university dining hall to see if it has changed at all. Now, at AU most customers of the dining hall pay using their student IDs, which are connected to their overpriced meal plans. As I stand in line, I remember how annoying it was to be stuck with 30 leftover meals at the end of every semester because I didn’t feel like eating from the same limited menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When my turn comes at the register, I tell the lady I have to pay with a credit card. She is confused — from the looks of things, this may not have happened yet in her career as a dining hall cashier.

But thankfully the “middle class African American college boy” behind me is ready: “I got it,” he says, letting me know “it’s cool” with a cocksure nod of the head.



“Wow, thanks,” I say as the register lady swipes his ID.

Free lunch for Adamu!

Reason 2: This morning on my way to the train I decide to stop for breakfast at one of those newfangled take-out buffet restaurants that are all the rage. I get a Cinnabon-flavored coffee and an old-fashioned flavored donut.

I get to the register and try to pay with my card since I’m out of cash.

“There’s a $5 minimum,” the cashier says.

“What? Come on!”

I’m in trouble. But help is ready!

“Do you need money? How much is it?” A woman asks.

“Umm, thanks!” She takes $2 from a black, alligator-skin wallet and plunks it down.

Free breakfast for Adamu!

People in this city might be cold, self-centered, and opportunistic, but when it comes to anonymous, random acts of kindness/courtesy with no possibility of further social contact — unnecessarily holding open the door for someone, giving up a seat on the train to an old woman or hot girl, or (as seen above) paying for a stranger who’s holding up the lunch line — Washingtonians can really come through! Thank you, random black dude and business-suit lady. You can rest easy knowing you look positively magnanimous.

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