Koizumi on the radio

I found this a few minutes ago while digging around on the PM’s residence site looking for press conference transcripts (no luck).


In spite of the majic mushrooms getting a shout out, this is unquestionably the creepiest bit of PR that he’s managed to pull out. I like the electronic newsletter, but the violin music in the background, combined with the sickeninly soft tone of his voice (he’s talking about postal privitization for God’s sake!) and the interviewer’s cluelessness make it sound like the beginning of some kind of bad porn flick.

“I’m the greatest, no?”


“I really showed those monkeys in the upper house who’s boss, didn’t I?”


“Admit it, I’m the sexiest man alive.”


Hail to the king, baby.”


Okay, sorry about that. I try to make an effort to keep things somewhat serious on my posts, but if Koizumi is going to use taxpayer money to make radio advertisements for his spaghettiwestern soundtrack

…then I’m going to make fun of him.

One thought on “Koizumi on the radio”

  1. It sounded more like he was hanging out in a hostess club or something. After listening to that, he doesn’t seem like the best guy to have a conversation with!

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