Bush to meet with Godless heathen?

Today the Taipei Times is running a story with the headline: “Dalai Lama to visit Bush ahead of his trip to China.”

So, I start wondering: Would Bush really meet with the Dalai Lama this close to his first official visit to China? We all know how snarky the Chinese can get when you provoke them. (And the Japanese may as well forget about restarting talks over the East China Sea dispute.)

Before I could go any further, I’ve got the link open only to discover:

Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is to make a high-profile 10-day visit to Washington next month, during which he is expected to meet with US President George W. Bush, a rights group said.

Rights group? Oh, you must mean the International Campaign for Tibet, the organization that keeps President Bush’s schedule.

The article contines:

The 70-year-old Dalai Lama’s itinerary during the Washington visit beginning Nov. 8 “anticipates likely meetings with US President George Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other key Congressional leaders,” the International Campaign for Tibet said in a statement.

After finishing the article, I noticed it was a feed from AFP, so I ran a Yahoo! News search. Turns out all the other outlets who ran the AFP story ran it under the headline, “Dalai Lama set for high profile Washington visit, may meet Bush.”