Walmart to Open in Japan

All these history posts are making my head hurt! Now let me depress you big time:

Seiyu To Open ‘Wal-Mart’ Supercenters Next Year

TOKYO (Nikkei)–Seiyu Ltd. (8268) will in 2006 start opening stores developed with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and named after the U.S. retail giant, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun learned Tuesday.

Seiyu plans to open large outlets that combine supermarkets and discount stores. All of these so-called supercenters — Wal-Mart’s mainstay — will be developed jointly by the two companies, with some of them bearing the name “Wal-Mart Seiyu.” Candidate areas to host new supercenters include Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

These supercenters will offer discount prices on a regular basis under Wal-Mart’s everyday-low-prices concept. Although this marketing method is not widely popular among Japanese consumers, Seiyu will emphasize that the stores are operated under the Wal-Mart philosophy.

Personally, I am not the type to beatify Japan’s traditional culture or superior egalitarian values, but Walmart, I hope you agree, just sucks the big one. I went in there late at night the other weekend just to get soda and I was almost run over by some shitty teenager messing around on the fat-people-scooter they keep around. I mean, I go there to buy razors, but every time I’m there I silently pray that the big ugly Walmart will one day cease to exist, much as the Iraqis are friendly to American troops to their faces but secretly pray for their country to go back to normal as soon as possible.

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  1. “every time I’m there I silently pray that the big ugly Walmart will one day cease to exist”



  2. What “normal” do you think Iraqis want their country to get back to? And why do you think America pulling out its troops would make it possible?

  3. No no, I don’t think America pulling out its troops would solve Iraq’s problems, but I have heard of Iraqis who do. It’s just as wrong as the feeling of ill I get when I hear about new Walmarts opening up. I don’t like the demoralizing effect they have, but I feel like low prices serve the greater good.

  4. Mental note to self: NEVER mention Iraq or Walmart in a future post.
    And before anyone attacks me for this snide remark, let me be clear: it’s facetious.

    “These supercenters will offer discount prices on a regular basis under Wal-Mart’s everyday-low-prices concept. ”

    Great! Just what Japan needs right now, more falling prices*!


  5. Hey whatever, I stand by my post. Walmart still sucks and I can still read Iraqis’ minds.

  6. And what ties these disparate threads together: everyone knows that Walmart’s low prices are based on the unfair competitive advantage they get by hiring non-union psychics.

  7. Yeah, the insurgency is really nothing but a quest for low, low prices everyday.

  8. Yeah, we can “roll back” the insurgency the same way we “rolled back” communism, and the same way Wal-Mart “rolls back” prices!

    Just make sure they’re big enough to hold a shitload of people. That way insurgents will get the maximum bang for their buck (read: low, low, prices) when they blow it up.

  9. I hate Walmart….. Walmart has already taken over America and I don’t want that to happen to Japan. I hope that Walmart will cease to exsist one day also… They must go down…..

  10. What would you have said about K-Mart or Sears even Macy’s if you had gone in there to buy something late and you had encountered those teens mis-behaving in that store instead of Wal-Mart? I hardly believe, as I am sure you do sir, that is was Wal-Mart employees that were riding the carts! I hope that, if indeed you are a parent of a teenage boy that you tought your child to be more respectful not to repeat this kind of unsafe behavior to other regardless of what environment or location.

  11. Walmarts strategie will be the future, if Walmart would go down then Sanyo and others could have gone down to. By persuing Sanyo to stay in Arkansas and not pulling out to Mexico and China, Sanyo became the the best selling “TV brand” in the U.S thanks to Walmart who tried to persue them in the first place, with help from the government.

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