People are going to find this article on search engines for all the wrong reasons and that scares me

GTO, my favorite manga of all time, featured a teacher who got caught doing exactly this except it was more of an outhouse instead of a church:

Pastor Allegedly Videotapes Women, Girls With Hidden Camera
Four Girls On Tapes Were Under Age 10

GREENVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina pastor is charged with sexual exploitation and peeping after investigators found videos of women and girls at his church undressing and using the bathroom.

The 54-year-old minister, Leon Harris, has been released on bond, but was ordered to stay away from Rose Hill Free Will Baptist Church.

Pitt County detectives said at least eight females were videotaped on June 9, including four girls under the age of 10.

The arrest warrant said the videos are believed to have been recorded by two miniature cameras installed in a church bathroom.


11 thoughts on “People are going to find this article on search engines for all the wrong reasons and that scares me”

  1. Hehehehe. Best title EVER.

    I think North Carolina is the only place in America where the people are weirder than people in South Florida.

  2. Leon is not guilty, the bridger boys are. My Grandmother is going to court in july to prove this fact. Leon is a preacher!! He would never do such a thing! The Bridger boys have records of sex offending, breaking and entering, murders, etc. So, doesn’t this make since to u people? Leon did NOT do it! And Me and my grandma and grandfather and other members of Leon’s family will prove that in july at court!!

  3. Leon is a perv. He was caught red handed filming chicks at Atlantic Beach with a vidio camera on a metal detector. It was only after the cops got a call on his perv activity and caught him at the beach that they found the cd’s in his vehicle of the chuch stuff. They then went to the chuch and found the rest of the stuff. Anyone who reputes these facts must be some backwoods inbreed. I always new somthing was up……..fortunatly most of my famly that went there are now dead, but I’m sure some are turning in their graves.

  4. In all fairness, it’s not at all clear that this is a Japan-centric blog, especially when you’re viewing it in single-article mode. Also, we never said this blog had a theme. If it did, it would probably have a more descriptive name than “Mutant Frog.”

  5. `In all fairness, it’s not at all clear that this is a Japan-centric blog.`

    True, however, you guys were voted a top Japan blog and that is clearly your selling point. For a blog that takes Japan as its main theme, this thread has been quite a humdinger. I`m not complaining.

  6. Plus we havent been posting, so I guess minds wander.

    I started a new job last week, so I am still kind of adjusting. Bear with!

    And I posted this because it was similar to a scene in GTO and it was an example of perversion committed outside Japan intended to add some ‘balance’

  7. I’d like to hear from “My Family Used to Go to Rose Hill”. Oh, my gosh! If this is what you are saying, it is unreal!!! This happened in the South…I am asssuming you are speaking of NC….the Bible-Belt”???? (I attended a conference in Atlantic Beach, NC.) I’m from the north but I haven’t heard of anything like that here. Can you tell me more? I have considered church, now, maybe not! I came accross this b/c I am writing a paper on this very topic. What else can you tell me? Two years? How was it hidden for so long? And, how did someone know to call it in? What else was on the cd’s? How were you alerted that something was wrong?
    – Curious Yankee

  8. Sounds a bit fishy to me Curious. Just because the news puts it in print, doesn’t mean it’s true. I’d like to hear from the “someone related” person. I’m sure things like this happen all the time. The law finds a “big catch” and they go for it. I wonder if they ever questioned anyone else, or is it maybe like the Nifong case, wasn’t that in NC also? I would hate to be law enforcement in that state if they are trying to hide something. Tell me more.

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