Seeing this Boingboing post on international Starbucks knockoffs prompted me to post the photos I took at the famous Taiwanese Starbucks knockoff, ‘Starbugs.’

Up in riverside entertainment/boardwalk area in Danshui, a small city in Taipei County about 30 minutes north of Taipei City proper, you can find this unusually specialized pet shop.

Inside, they sell nothing but beatles, large spiders, and crabs.

If any reader happens to be an amatuer entomologist, feel free to let me know what these little monsters are properly called.

6 thoughts on “Starbugs”

  1. The green guys are weevils (Circulionidae) and the bottom one looks like a Rhinosceros beetle.

  2. Thanks Gary! The Chinese signs weren’t exactly helpful. I may be getting better at everyday Chinese, but the names of insects I don’t even know in English… no.

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