Guantanamo Bay better than my hometown, says Rep Simmons

This is what my representative, Bill Simmons (R-CT) has to say about Guantanamo Bay:

Simmons: Guantanamo conditions better than critics claim

Norwich Bulletin

U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, R-2nd District, said recent criticism of U.S. activities at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba are unfounded, based on his tour of the facility Monday.

“My impression was that the military personnel there are highly professional, well-trained and very much in charge of the situation,” Simmons said Tuesday during a telephone conference call from his Washington office. “It appeared to be very professionally run and, from what I saw, very different than what I had expected.”

Simmons and 10 other members of Congress toured the facility Monday, witnessing an interrogation of a detainee, eating a detainee-style lunch and visiting the base’s detainee hospital.

The treatment of prisoners from Afghanistan and Iraq has come under sharp criticism.

But Simmons said conditions at Guantanamo are significantly better than most maximum security prisons in the United States, such as Somers in Connecticut.

I’ve never been inside the prison, but they just killed a guy there and from what I hear it’s every bit as gruesome as Oz.