Crazy — Namco and Bandai to Merge


I’m too tired to think of anything but postal privatization these days, but here you go:

Japanese toy and game firms merge
May 3, 2005

By Shingo Ito

Japan’s top toy maker, Bandai, known for its Gundam sci-fi robots, yesterday announced it would merge with Pac-Man maker Namco to survive tough competition in an ever tighter market of fewer and fewer children.

The merger, which would create Japan’s second-largest toy and game firm after Sega Sammy Holdings, could take on the dominance of Walt Disney, Bandai president Takeo Takasu told a news conference.

“It is the best match considering the characteristics and strengths of both companies,” Takasu said.

“In terms of content, Disney may become our competitor and as for the location [of game arcades], we will compete with Sega.”

The two companies said they needed to consolidate to face up to demographic realities in Japan, which has one of the world’s lowest birth rates as young people increasingly push back marriage, leaving the population ageing quickly.

“Global competition is intensifying in the world’s entertainment industry as technological innovation has enhanced the networking environment,” the two companies said in a joint statement.

“On the domestic market, we face the strong need to win customers with the number of children decreasing and hobbies and pastimes diversifying,” the statement said.

What better way to celebrate the 25th birthday of Pacman, the character that built Namco into what it is today, than to destroy the company as it has always existed? Just for the hell of it, here are some reviews from some of both companies’ great products:

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam

July 4, 2005 – I’m lazy, and I’m writing this review (if you even call it that) in an attempt to equalize the absolutely astoundingly high reviews some of you gave this game. Why not give the general public some respect. A good show does not reflect a good game, so use some common knowledge, and throw your fanboyism out the window. Here are some quotes by Ed in his recent mailbag that I would like you all to read:

Yeah, it’s obvious that this is a game for the fans. It has the word Gundam in the title three times over so that the idiots who like the series couldn’t miss it even if they tried. Seriously, who the hell has the franchise name done in triplicate? But as for the casual gamer who wants to jump into it, I couldn’t recommend it at all. The battles were boring, the controls pathetic and the graphics could barely hold up the meager attempt at any visual style they tried to project.

As an overall experience, the game was just lacking in several ways. After hours of play I couldn’t see any reason to go on unless you really loved the sword-wielding bots.

How about Namco?

Namco Museum Volume 1

I played this game and I hated it. The game isn”t even worth playing because it has so little to it. Its just the same boring games rereleased so namco could make a quick buck from an old classic. I wouldn”t even give this game 1star if I had the choice.

Looks like they both suck. Case closed. Just kidding, they are two of the coolest companies ever.