Militant Chikan Subverting Egyptian Democracy, say activists

The BBC reports on a much more targeted and political use of chikan than I had previously though possible:

Egypt anger over ‘grope attacks’

Protesters want senior government figures to admit responsibility

Hundreds of Egyptians have staged an angry protest against the alleged sexual harassment of female activists and reporters by government supporters.

A number of women say they were assaulted by loyalists from the party of President Hosni Mubarak during voting on a referendum last week.

Dressed in black and wearing white ribbons, the women called for senior officials to resign in shame.

Egypt’s government has blamed the assaults on “emotional tension”.

But the crowds outside Egypt’s Press Syndicate building were resolute, calling for the resignation of senior government officials, including interior minister Habib al-Adli.

“Violating the dignity of women is like violating that of our country,” one banner read.

If only the Japanese people would react so swiftly to combat sexual assault!
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