Xinjiang Put Out Big Old Fire from Qing Times

Xinjiang Put Out Big Old Fire from Qing Times
An old big fire rampaged since the Qing times (1644-1911) on Mt. Xiaohuang, a coal-field in Xinjiang, has been lately completely put out, and up to now all the five major fire areas in the place have been stamped out.

Xinjiang is richly endowed with coal resources, but it has become in turn a place long plagued by most serious coal-field fires known to the world, with over 10m tons of coal being senselessly burnt away every year.

Under the direction of late Premier Zhou Enlai, a special fire-fighting center was set up in 1958. By now, altogether 17 big fires have been entirely eliminated in the region.

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  1. The Open Door, the fall of the Empire, the Republican Revolution, the Warlords, the forfeiture of Manchuko, the Japanese invasion, the Nationalist Restoration, the Communist Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the Gang of Four, Communism with Chinese Characteristics, Tiananmen Square, globalization, and false reports it had already burned out!

    -Dan tdaxp

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