Where’s the Niurou?

The Asahi reported today that as of June 1st, Yoshinoya resumed sales of gyudon at all 45 of its stores in Taiwan. This is the first time Taiwanese gyudon lovers have been able to buy the bowls in one year and four months since Yoshinoya halted sales last February following the Taiwanese ban on U.S. beef imports. Taiwan reopened imports in April, but only for cattle under 30 months of age.

According to the article, the price is some 20 percent higher than before sales were halted, but this apparently hasn’t stopped large numbers of visiting Japanese businessmen from frequenting Yoshinoya outlets.

Since MFT founding contributor Roy is in Taiwan this summer, and in keeping with the challenge issued by Adamu last week, and Curzon and Joe‘s intrepid trek to consume coffee flavored ramen, perhaps Roy might be willing to visit and give an eyewitness account. Five points for every photo you get of a Japanese salaryman chowing down on gyudon! And ten for any still beating hearts you find in the bowl!

One thought on “Where’s the Niurou?”

  1. I ate Yoshinoya Gyudon in my second night in Taiwan. During my first week here, before I found the apartment I’m in now, I was staying at a hostel across the street from Taipei station and there was a Yoshinoya just around the corner.

    That was May 27 and gyudon had already been on sale for a couple of days, but perhaps some stores in the capital got the beef before the rest of the country. I’ll have to stop by again some time with my camera when I get the chance and be on the look out for obviously Japanese salaryman visitors.

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