Pagishikinda! Pagishikinda!

Outpost Gallifrey reports:

“Pagishikinda! Pagishikinda! Now the Daleks take on Doctor Who in Korea. In the first deal of its kind, BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, has concluded a contract with Korea’s biggest public television station, KBS, for the smash hit BBC One series, Doctor Who.

This is the first time a UK drama series has been sold to a Korean public station, and KBS will launch Doctor Who on KBS 2 in a primetime, two-hour slot on Sunday 5 June. Viewers will be introduced to ‘Dacter Who’ (Doctor Who), his companion Rose, and enemy, the Daleks, who blast, ‘Pagishikinda!’ (‘Exterminate!’). KBS will broadcast two episodes per week, and the series will be dubbed for the Korean audience.

Russell T. Davies, writer and executive producer of Doctor Who said, ‘The Doctor has travelled far and wide and knows no boundary and now the programme is doing much the same! We are delighted that Korea has embraced this wonderful adventure.’

Jungwon Lee, Executive Director, KBS Media, said: ‘We are very excited to launch Doctor Who on our network. For the first time in a primetime weekend slot, we are bringing the latest hit BBC drama to our Korean audience and anticipate a great reaction from all age groups.’

Linfield Ng, Korea and Taiwan Territory Manager, BBC Worldwide (Asia) added: ‘We are delighted that one of Asia’s largest public broadcasters, KBS, is supporting one of the most recognised BBC brands. We thank KBS for being so ambitious in launching Doctor Who in such a great time slot.'”

Doctor Who has been my favorite television program since I was about eight years old, and I can’t wait to hear what Daleks sound like dubbed into Korean. Still though, I find it infuriating that the Doctor will be shown on Korean TV while no American station has yet decided to purchase airing rights to the series. It was reported that Scifi channel turned it down before the premiere of the new Doctor Who series, which after having seen the ten episodes so far I find utterly unfathomable. The show is fantastic, and has had some of the highest viewer ratings and media reviews in UK television history, and they had better be kicking themselves hard for having passed it up.

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