1000-yen high class burger available at MosBurger

The new high-class hamburger offered by Mos Food Service (MosBurger), the “Takumi 10”. Using safely-raised eggs and domestic bacon, it also comes with a Japanese-style sauce. The odd high price is “the result of emphasizing quality and disregarding commercial concerns.”[Jiji Tsushin]

Comment: I might split this with someone. But 1000 yen for a damn burger?! Forget it.

2 thoughts on “1000-yen high class burger available at MosBurger”

  1. 1000 yen is about $9.33 according to XE. Bennigan’s has “The Big Irish,” which costs around $9.00. The site doesn’t have a photo, but it’s a monster, and well worth the $9.00, and doesn’t have ridiculous crap on it like eggs.

  2. Wonderfull burger ? will it be available in Jakarta soon ? is it possible to have the frenchise for Indonesian market ?

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