An ad I saw on my trip

Japundit brings us a translation of a kooky ad I saw on my trip. It’s a clever ad in that it appears to invite people to imagine how great learning English could be while in reality doing the imagining for them:

If I could speak English, I would . . .

  • I would live in Hawaii with lots of dogs.
  • I would eat all the desserts in the world!
  • I would buy the materials for aroma therapy and mix them myself.
  • I would lecture the loud foreigners on the train.
  • I would raise my children in America: one artist, one computer programmer.
  • I would go work in a foreign marketing firm.
  • I would start a dental office for foreigners.
  • Read the rest over at Japundit or NEOMARXISME. We can’t make these up folks!