Kawanishi’s Human Rights Ombudsperson Reports

From Mainichi Local:

Complaints about family, friends on the rise

Kawanishi, Hyogo’s Children’s Human Rights Ombudsperson, the first such 3rd-party moderator in Japan, will release its yearly reporton Mar 19 at 1:30 PM at its general office in Hidaka-cho.

According to the report, last year there were 179 complaints, and a total of 504 since the ombudsman was installed. The content of complaints was (in order from most to fewest cases): family, friends, mental-phyical health problems, bullying, teachers.

Ombudsperson Tanaka Fumiko, who reported to the Mayor Takashibau on Mar 10, said, “Since I am a third party, I would like to continue listening to children and think about their problems with them.”

An example of the very liberal local governing in Japan. Japan’s cities tend to be generous in offering socialized health care and living stipends for poor families due to their federal funding.