New Photo Galleries

I’ve finally installed the photo gallery software that I’ve been meaning to for some time. Called, appropriately enough, Gallery, it is a php based user installed package, much like the wordpress software that runs this blog. I first installed the beta of Gallery2, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to finish the installation procedures and I ended up just using the fully functional release of 1.5 instead. I haven’t yet explored what it can do much at all, but I have it running on this server at with a few galleries of photos, some of which have been online before and some which have not.

The week after the one that started today is my spring break, and over that week I should have the time to both fully repair the blog, and to set up my gallery installation properly, hopefully with matching themes and links that make them appear to be an integrated web site. If anybody out there has used gallery before and has any specific tips, feel free to pass them along.