Abiru Yuu questioned by police because of jealous and petty 2ch

(Mainichi Daily News via Fucked Gaijin)

Police questioning girl who confessed to theft on TV

An 18-year-old TV personality who revealed during a TV quiz that she stole something when she was an elementary school girl is being questioned by police on suspicion of theft, law enforcers said.

The girl, whose name is being withheld, took part in a quiz on a Nippon Television Network show titled “Coming Doubt,” which was aired late on Feb. 15. The idea of the show is to guess whether confessions the participants make are true or false.

During the show the teenage participant said she had stolen an item from a cardboard box in a warehouse in the past, calling this a “true story.”

Officials from talent agency Horipro said the girl had blown out of proportion an experience from her elementary school days in which she shoplifted candy.

“I did something terrible,” the girl was quoted as telling police investigators. “I really regret it.”

Japan’s juvenile law states that those under the age of 14 can’t be held criminally responsible for crimes, but police said they were questioning program officials to determine whether the incident was true or not.

She’s already been suspended, her manager fired, and for what? A big nothing. I feel bad for the girl.

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