Be careful what you wish for Part 2: The Backlash

The Fucked Gaijin didn’t like what I said about them in my post about their shutdown for exceeding bandwidth. Take a look at what they’re saying:

Since I spotted his comment, he’s gonna have more “fun” ripping us a new orifice. On his blog he says that:
“I lived in Japan for two years, learning the Japanese language and irreparably damaging my psyche in the process…and dreaming of one day making it big in Tokyo.”
He just might find it a wee bit difficult “making it big in Tokyo” if he pisses all the FGs off, hee, hee.

Gee wiz, being ripped by who has lived a whole two years in Japan and writes a “Mutant Frog < !insert something about glass houses and stones > Travelogue sounds real scary. Yes, ” be afraid… be very afraid!!!”

No, don’t be afraid. Never in my life did I think 2 sentences where I call some people insecure would warrant old pictures of me being thrown up on a forum for ridicule. Just goes to show I don’t understand how the Internet works.

5 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for Part 2: The Backlash”

  1. Look, we know that the guys on FG are total bozos, few of whom have real jobs and most of whom I’d be embarrassed to even know (with a very few notable exceptions). But those pics of you that they have on the linked forum site are PRICELESS!!! 😉

  2. Hey being a total bozo myself, I thought your photos were funny.
    Too bad the FG is down-and-down. In the past they posted pictures of me getting a BJ from a shemale. Ok, ok, so it was a damn close look-a-like in the photo, but it was the thought that counts.

    とにかく…. I see in your resume that besides getting fired from Walgreen’s 1988, in you’ve passed Level 1. Congrads, mo’ betta’ than me. If you’re in-county, drop me a line for freelance work. Yes, yes, I’ve heard of this new thing called the Internet and cross-border work. However, I work for an Japanese company they refuses to hire anybody with a face-to-face meeting and translation test for technical translation (IT, software, etc).

  3. Meh, I don’t mind sites like FG and have been witness to the incessant battling between those with “the Rage”: and those without. Expats in any country need a place to vent… see it on JapanToday and all those sites everyday. Sometimes I partake and other times I may step in when things are going overboard. The point is, I think they serve a valuable purpose, even though they may be populated by countless “bozos.”

    I have been here pretty much straight since ’97 (with a hole or two) and I am hella glad I am leaving in April.

  4. Since when is there a time limit before you can be an “expert” worthy of having an opinion about Japan? These FG guys are jackasses, plain and simple. I’ve lived in Japan for two and a half years and know people who are much more knowledgable about Japan than me with much less time lived there, and know people who’ve lived there for 10 years and don’t have the slightest clue about Japan.

    And as everybody already knows or suspects, the ones with that horrible, cynical attitude about Japan (you know the one I’m talking about…) are generally the ones in the latter category. I’ve never visited the FG site before, but that name tends to explain who those people are, and why they would respond to Travelogue the way they did.

    In fact, those guys and their attitudes are the precise reason I avoid hanging out with gaijins while in Japan in the first place.

    Anyway, great site, Adamu. Keep up the good work!


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