Morning Quiz #1

Question: I parked in front of this riddle of a sign on a fine Monday morning at 8am. Was it legal?

The answer can be found in our comments section!

5 thoughts on “Morning Quiz #1”

  1. My good friend, you’re in no shape to go to law school with an answer like that!

    Let’s analyze your parking liabilities in regard to those four signs, from top to bottom:

    Sign #1: you’re not there between 4-7 on a weekday afternoon. You’re in the clear.
    Sign #2: This one could affect you. how long did you park? Unless you had a zone 2 permit, you’re limited to parking for two hours.
    Sign #3: Only applicable on Tuesday. Safe.
    Sign #4: To what does this apply? This one is totally bizarre. It would exempt residnetial parking permit holders, but to which of the previous signs? All of them, or just sign #3?

    So I guess you were OK, but only if you parked for less than 2 hours — right?

    (If lawyers had all the answers, they’d never make the kind of money they do. The secret is in answering questions with caveats, criterion, more questions, and conditional responses.)

  2. Actually I thought I would be there for a while, which was what made me think twice even after piecing together what that parking spot’s weekly schedule would look like. It turned out that the meeting lasted only about 20 minutes, so I would seem to be in the clear.

    That last sign is truly puzzling. It looks as if those with residential parking permits become Parking Gods between 7am-7pm on Wednesday. They get to trump rush hour, snow days, AND time limits. Maybe. I guess in the end it depends on the parking enforcer’s interpretation, which you can then fight in court with your own.

    The bottom line: if you can avoid driving in DC, consider yourself lucky.

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