Protecting Manzai and Takoyaki

Osaka Prefecture to Enact New Law

On Jan. 18th, Osaka Prefecture affirmed its intention to preserve local mass culture from Noh theater to Rakugo, Manzai, and Takoyaki with the “Osaka Culture Law.” After submitting it to the local legislature in February they expect to enact it by April. According to prefectural authorities, 8 other prefectures already have similar laws, such as Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Kumamoto, but this is a first for the Kansai region.

Putting Kansai culture in the category of “Osaka’s biggest asset,” this is an aim to get official support for local culture. By placing its focus on a broad section of mass culture, from traditional entertainment (Bunraku puppetry, Noh theater, Kyogen comedy, etc), Kansai performing arts (Rakugo comedy, Manzai [two-person vaudeville-style comedy], Naniwabushi [recitation of stories accompanied by shamisen music], storytelling) youth culture (Manga, anime, etc), and local food (Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, etc), authorities seek to develop the human resources to carry on these activities.

Authorities are considering recruiting “Cultural Supporters” to gather opinions at events sponsored by the prefecture, and seek out Manga and anime works in order to help publish and commercialize excellent work.

My Comment: I didn’t know half this stuff was from Osaka, but if the government can somehow create even tastier Takoyaki then why the hell not.

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  1. Well, you may not think of manga as being from Osaka, but don’t forget about Tezuka Osamu.

    Most of the classical performing arts also have strong roots in Osaka, bunraku for one has the biggest (or is it second biggest?) .

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