Governor Cody

Cody is the current acting governor of New Jersey, serving the remainder of Jim McGreevey’s term following his unexpected resignation.

I just answered the phone to hear a recorded voice saying ‘Hello, I’m Governor Cody. Cold weather is approaching and-‘
And guess who isn’t getting my vote if he actually runs for next term. Do people even comprehend how tasteless prerecorded phone spam is?

5 thoughts on “Governor Cody”

  1. Dear Govenor Cody,

    Finally someone has recognized the seriousness of the junk food insanity in the schools.

    THANK YOU! You get my vote.

  2. That’s very nice, but you do know that he decided not to actually run for governor several months ago?

  3. thanks so much for banning smoking in indoor areas throughout n.j. this is one of the most important laws implemented in many years. the health of all of us in n.j. will be protected. i am so looking forward to going to restaurants and sports bars in which i avoided in the past due to the problems with second hand smoke. thank you again!

  4. Man, don’t you hate Google sometimes? All the num-nuts come right out of the woodwork.

    Personally, I hate Codey (with an “e”) for ending NJ’s charitable immunity defense, meaning that plaintiffs can now sue charitable organizations for the negligence of their employees, the same as corporations. Fuckwit.

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