Online Ads Closed Gap With Magazines In Total Spending For ’06

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Online Ads Closed Gap With Magazines In Total Spending For ’06

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The Internet continued to advance as an advertising medium in the domestic market, with online ad expenditures in 2006 closing in on the amount doled out for magazine ads, according to data released Tuesday by leading agency Dentsu Inc.

Having eclipsed radio ads in 2004, last year’s online ad spending shot up 29.3% to 363 billion yen. Expenditures included the 93 billion yen spent for search-linked ads and 39 billion yen for cellular phone ads.

Overall domestic ad outlays edged 0.6% higher to 5.99 trillion yen, rising for the third straight year.

Spending on magazine ads dropped 1.5% to 388.7 billion yen, continuing a year-on-year slide since 2001. In 2006, more magazines were discontinued than were introduced.

Television ads dipped 1.2% to 2.01 trillion yen, with the figure sinking 3.8% to 998.6 billion yen for newspapers and ebbing 1.9% to 174.4 billion yen for radio spots.

The combined figure for TVs, newspapers, magazines and radio decreased 2% to 3.57 trillion yen.

(The Nikkei Wednesday morning edition)

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